Hi Tec Automotive 35th Anniversary Party

by | Feb 29, 2020 | Events Journal

Membership Director, Tom Short had a conversation with Deven Wailes, owner of Hi Tec,  who suggested holding a Redwood Region event on the 35th year of operation of this renowned Porsche shop in San Rafael.  Tom thought that this was a great idea as Hi Tec has recently added a new showroom adjacent to the main shop for all the cars that Hi Tec sells.

February 29th, Leap Day, was chosen and the wheels (pun intended) were put in place!  What could Hi Tec do to engage our members for several hours on a Saturday early evening?  The minds clicked on the big blank wall in the new showroom and thought…”Hey kids, let’s put on a show” !  Only the oldies reading this missive will remember the Little Rascals on Saturday morning TV!  Well…no song and dance so how about a movie!  Again the Porsche minds were spinning… the best Porsche movie ever?  Le Mans, with the King of Cool…Steve McQueen was the hands down favorite! 

Hi Tec Automotive 35th - 2

Deven climbs up on a milk crate to address the 30+ people here…movie selected now how about munchies and adult beverages..Deven and the rest of the Hi Tec crew have a plan.  How about inviting a great food truck for all to enjoy on Hi Tec’s tab!  Big green food truck arrives at 5:00PM and we line up for yummy victuals.  We are back inside out of the brisk breeze and munching on great Mexican food.

Around 6:00PM they crank up Le Mans…dialogue is brief in this movie…the sounds and visuals are the whole show!  Starting with the thump thump of a heartbeat getting faster and then BOOM..the roar of a 917 motor..12 cylinders in anger!  This movie is a must see for any Porsche person.

After the movie is over, we say our good byes to the Hi Tec staff consisting of Deven Wailes, Dana Wailes, Brad D’alessio, Thorsten Kopitzki, Julian Apro and Greg Maissen and thank them for a great evening! 

Remember…Hi Tec is one of our favorite sponsors and does excellent work of all Porsches and Greg Maissen manages the sales of selected Porsches for those looking for a new ride!

They are located at 779 Andersen Drive in San Rafael and can be reached at 415-258-9619!

Photos by Thorsten Kopitzki.

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