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Last year the Redwood Empire Food Bank served 82,000 children, seniors and adults in coastal Northern California. This year the novel coronavirus outbreak, which has created massive unemployment, has doubled the need. According to a KCBS radio report by Jeffery Shaub, a month’s worth of food has been distributed in a single day. The sheer volume of food distributed, as much as 4,400 boxes in one day, required the National Guard to be deployed to help the 8,500 volunteers at 250 distribution sites. Redwood Region has donated $2,500 to the food bank to help feed those who are in need. According to the Food Bank’s website our donation will feed about 80 children or 40 senior couples for a month. Many of our members have already contributed personally, if you are able to as well, please do so at:

Jerry Gladstone

Jerry Gladstone

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