So, what does the Region Vice President do?

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As everyone already knows, this is the strangest year of all for our Porsche club. We have an amazingly diverse group of Porsche drivers (whether measured by vehicle type, profession, or personality) connected by a common bond, but we haven’t had a chance to really get together since our great run to Brewster’s Brewing in Petaluma in March! We are holding out for good times ahead at our fall Autocross. In the meantime I hope you have a chance to check out our first foray into “no-touch” rallying, with the creative route put together by Jim Robison, a new Redwood Region member with a long history of creating sports car rallyes. Yes, there really is a dirt road section and your vehicle will end up well-dusted; my 911’s haunches proved I drove it. I particularly encourage those of you with Macans and Cayennes to check it out.

One thing that doesn’t change even in a strange year is that our club runs on volunteers, and the Executive Council welcomes your ideas, feedback, and involvement. In that vein, elections for Redwood Region officers will come up in a few months and if you are interested in getting involved, you might ask yourself ‘what exactly does the Vice President do?’

Well according to the Bylaws, other than being ready to take over for the President in case he injures himself iRacing, the Vice President ‘shall be responsible for the development, coordination, publication and the updating of the Region’s calendar’. This has been a fun endeavor for me because it’s allowed me to learn some new skills working on the website and to work with great people both inside the club and out at the various venues.  It’s a nice break from my real job and of course, it means I always get to register first if I want to be sure I don’t miss anything! (I appreciate the irony for events in 2020). It also has given me a window into other community events; one of my now invisible priorities for this year was to minimize the chance of having a tour on the same day and route as the many bicycle races in Marin and Sonoma. I’m bummed we haven’t been able to take advantage of that planning.

Great events will return in the future. If you’d like to be involved in making them happen, consider a role for yourself as an officer in our Porsche Club. I’d be happy to answer any inquiries at I hope you are safe, well and are getting the opportunity to enjoy at least a few mental health breaks in your Porsche.

Ben Davoren

Ben Davoren

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