April 2021 President’s Message

by | Apr 13, 2021

Well, we did it – you did it! We had our first event of 2021, the Goat Rock Run at the end of March, with tremendous interest, attendance, and feedback. See this month’s dR article for additional details about its success. I’m particularly happy that 12 new members signed up, although I was saddened by the fact that we had to turn away several last minute would-be drivers due to our COVID pre-registration requirements. I look forward to the day very soon where that won’t happen again, and when I can get to meet more of you without a six foot radius in the way. A May tour is in the works. Please look for it on our May Calendar.

In the meantime, our first Autocross at Thunderhill is coming up very quickly on Sunday April 18 (part of a two-day adventure that starts with the SVR PCA region hosting on Saturday the 17th). There are still a few spots left! I hope to see you there. It really is the safest, and most fun way to discover your comfort level with your Porsche’s amazing abilities.

As June will be here faster than you think, consider entering the upcoming rally school and/or events that our Rally Master Jim Robison is putting together. His article this month will tell you much more. Rallies should be a great equalizer, since every driver needs a navigator, and there is no advantage to having a 2-door sports car over a 4-door Cayenne. More to the point, almost all of us will be newbies to the whole experience so if you are competitive at all, you have a great shot at winning a prize! If you prefer your Porsches standing still, fingers are crossed that we can have our Porsches on the Plaza event on June 19, right on Sonoma Square.

We will have our most popular events – tours to wineries – in July and August, and Concours in September, so keep one eye on the calendar!

As always, Board meetings are open to all interested members on the last Tuesday of every month at 7 pm. The April meeting will still be held over Zoom but we hope to return to in-person dinner meetings soon. Please see our calendar link at redwoodpca.org. 

Ben Davoren

Ben Davoren



ben.davoren.md@gmail.com?subject=Redwood Region President

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