The road to Martorana

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Our first driving tour back to a wine tasting in almost two years was a smashing success! On Sunday July 18th, 29 gorgeous Porsches assembled in Novato to embark on an 84 mile back roads treat that took us all the way out to the coast at Marshall, then up through the Redwoods and Occidental, along the Russian River through Guerneville, and then finally up the West Dry Creek Valley to our destination: the Martorana Family Winery. 50 thrill seekers were happy to see glasses of chilled Sauvignon Blanc at the ready as we were directed to our parking spaces by winemaker Gio Martorana. Our cars were all centered around his parents’ single-owner 1963 356c, engine compartment popped for inspection and with Mom and Dad beaming proudly.

Special thanks go out to my co-leader Vern Rogers, group relays Rick Duste and Rex Simmons, and of course sweeps Tom Strobel and Kurt Fischer, who all managed not to let the apparently skewed GPS coordinates for Martorana on West Dry Creek Road interfere with their mission to get us all there safely! We should also thank the Town of Monte Rio which has had the good sense to create a lovely public restroom for a mid-tour biobreak, replete with nearby parking.

It was a treat to have the winery grounds to ourselves under clear – but definitely hot! – skies. The Martorana staff made sure we were well cared for as we tasted our way through 5 delicious varietals and enjoyed our boxed lunches at shaded picnic tables. As an additional treat, First Lady Lisa Davoren provided club-logo squirt bottles to help everyone beat the heat. I was impressed that more squirt-gun battles did not break out but I enjoyed getting the occasional misting from more than a few folks to help me keep my cool.

This was another club event that brought out a few new members in addition to those of us who already know how fantastic these backroads trips can be in our area and how lucky we are to be able to live and drive here. I hope that if you are reading this you will come out to the events that we put on, and I invite you to suggest new ideas, venues, and routes as well.

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