July 2022 President’s Message

by | Jul 10, 2022

Summer is in full swing and our Porsche club events have matched the weather: all over the place, with something for everyone to love! (Granted, I have a newer Carrera with excellent air conditioning and ventilated seats, so I may be biased.) June opened with a running start, an 80 mile tour to Martorana Winery on the 12th, which was just perfect with clear roads through Marin and Sonoma capped by great wine and lunch at our destination. The unique Mount Tam Trek rally came off without a hitch on the 18th (and our largest rally group of the year) and on June 25th Porsches on the Plaza raised over $1800 for our primary charity, CASA.

July should bring out the driver in you to one of our next great tours. The trip to Far Niente will be reviewed next month, so next up is our third midweek drive on Wednesday the 20th which ends in a BYOP (Bring Your Own Picnic) at reserved tables in the Lower Jackrabbit area of Spring Lake in Santa Rosa. Registration is still open for a few days. On the 30th we will return to Pech Merle winery for a Paella Party and a new, longer tour route compared to prior years. This has been a blast every (non-COVID) year since I have been a member and I hope you can come; registration is open until July 26th. As a result of the Mt Tam Trek’s success, there will also be a second rally school on Saturday July 16th; registration is open until the 14th.

August will see the debut of the two-day TSD rally that Jim Robison has put together, “The Twin Pine Rally” on the weekend of the 13th/14th with a night at the Casino spicing up your trip! Registration is open now. Saturday the 27th gets us back to a really fun drive onto Highway 128 ending at Yorkville’s Maple Creek Winery where they have treated us incredibly well over the years, with great wines and a bucolic picnic area under the oaks. Don’t miss it! Check our calendar for the registration link.

The Board is hard at work prepping for this year’s election of new Board members and our annual meeting on October 8th. Although it’s a little ways away, put this one on your calendar since we will be outdoors in a spectacular Redwood grove at Chenoweth Woods, west of Sebastopol. We will have three ways to get there: a long tour to the coast and back inland, a shorter rally, or on your own, so you know we really want you to come. We are always looking for your energy and ideas as well. Please email us directly or attend our monthly Board meeting on Tuesday July 26th at Mary’s Pizza Shack in Novato at 6 PM (note this is an hour earlier than prior meeting times!)Note: The July 26th Boad Meeting will be entirely remote, and at the normal scheduled time. Zoom will also available if you wish to attend remotely. Please see our calendar link at redwoodpca.org  for details.

Thank you for voting on our Bylaws. Final voting will close just after you receive this der Riesenbaum so you still have two days to vote if you have not responded to the ballot emails sent out in June.

Ben Davoren

Ben Davoren



ben.davoren.md@gmail.com?subject=Redwood Region President

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