April 2023 President’s Message

by | Apr 13, 2023

Hopefully our April showers will be minimal this year. I am sure that you, like me, have had enough rain for the 2023. Luckily the wet environment has not had much of a negative effect on Bruno, my ’83 SC. All paint work is now complete. Other progress continues, and by the 11th of this month the vast majority exterior components (bumpers, valences, sunroof, mirrors, and door handles) should be installed. I decided to get a brand-new hood, as the red one was from a 964, and about a quarter of an inch short. I have, however, kept the red tail as well as the original deck lid. The red tail is now white and is being mounted as I write this article. The original will be kept as a back-up should I decide to go back to stock.

The dash had an ABS topper when I bought the car, and that has now been replaced with an original dash top from Porsche. As a plus, I now have my center vent back. The headliner has also been replaced with new material matching the original burgundy.

Once the assembly and final cleaning work is done, Bruno will be off to another shop to have paint protection film (PPF) installed on the front sections and mirrors. The plan is to have all restoration work done by the 30th of this month when I will be attending the Air/ Water day of Luftgekult. I hope to see many of you there on that Sunday at Mare Island.

I am also looking forward to Redwood Region’s next event on April 29 starting at our sponsor Auto Sport Detailing in Santa Rosa. A detailing demonstration in the shop will be followed by a drive on some Western Sonoma’s best roads and a private lunch at the Washoe House. This is one of the oldest continuously running roadhouses in the United States. It first opened in 1859, two years before the start of the Civil War. Please join us for a great time!

On another note, we are still seeking candidates for Region Webmaster. Please contact me or any other Board member if you have an interest. PCA runs on volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to get to know and enjoy your fellow club members.

Please join us and share in the comradery!

Lastly, this month (re)starts a tradition in the newsletter of providing a list of Redwood events (both confirmed and proposed) throughout the calendar year. Please be sure to take a look, mark your calendars and save dates for activities you may be interested in.

That’s all for now… Down the road.


Vern Rogers

Vern Rogers



redwood.webmaster@gmail.com?subject=Redwood Region President

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