What is autocross?

Autocross is a timed motorsports event in which drivers navigate one at a time through a course (usually) laid out with traffic cones in an open space, like a parking lot, racetrack paddock, or an unused airport runway. As with other forms of motorsport, there are different competition classes defined based upon the year, type, and any modifications of the cars. Typically, events also include a “Fun” class for those coming out just to enjoy the experience. Every run is timed electronically, and a time penalty is added for each cone knocked over or displaced along the course. You can measure your progress throughout the day, and possibly earn bragging rights. We emphasize safety, fun and speed. This is probably the safest and least expensive way to drive your Porsche at the limit.

Autocross is also a driver education class. In this uncertain world of bad, inattentive, and inexperienced drivers on our public roads, everyone could stand a little extra driver’s ed. Learning the “feel” of your car by practice instead of just by theory can add confidence and enjoyment to your overall driving experience. If you are completely new to autocrossing, we have qualified instructors available at each event at no charge.

Autocross is a great way to:

  • Learn how to handle your Porsche
  • Drive your Porsche the way it was meant to be driven
  • Make new friends
  • See “old” friends
  • Spend time with your significant other doing something fun



2019 Autocross Results All By Class By Pax
May 5 – Porsche pdf pdf pdf
May 5 – All pdf
September 15 – Porsche pdf pdf pdf
Year to date standings as of September 2019 pdf pdf


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Autocross Rules and Car Classification

Redwood Region currently follows Zone 7 rules for Autocross, including standards regarding safety, personal conduct, and car classification for events. Click on the button below to review these rules. Reach out to our Autocross Directors if you have any questions. Thanks.